Efendi’s Turkish Restaurant (20 July 2012) – Restaurant Review

Efendi’s Turkish Restaurant

Efendi's Turkish Restaurant - Chicken Pide

Efendi’s Turkish Restaurant – Chicken Pide

Visited: Friday 20 July 2012 @ 520-540 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Ordered: Entree – Hot Turkish Garlic Bread with Baba Gannus & Beetroot dips. Main – Chicken Pide (Traditional Turkish pizza topped with marinated chicken, red capsicum, mushrooms, mozzarella & fetta cheese) served with wild rocket.

Taking a chance and ordering two of the same Scoopon meant a return to Efendi’s Turkish Restaurant in The Valley last night. I wasn’t too impressed with this place a month or so ago on my first visit, and it lived up to the same standard this time.

First, the positives. The entree is pretty damn good. That garlic Turkish bread is light and fluffy and full of flavour. The dips that accompanied it were delicious as well, especially the beetroot (it was a repeat order after my partner and I loved it last time). The baba gannus had a great balance as well. Not too garlic-y but still full of fresh taste. These dips also came in extra handy with the main meal, adding a little something that was really missing. The entree was really the standout of the meal on both occasions.

With such a great start, you kind of think you’re in for a real treat with the main course. Sadly, that’s not quite the case. As a Scoopon deal, what we got was pretty decent value (I guess),  but if I was going to Efendi’s and paying full price for what came on my plate, I’d be severely disappointed. It’s just a bit of pastry with the listed toppings. There’s a serious lack of sauce going on and the chicken looked and tasted like the stuff you get on a kebab. It’s just a bit of a dry mess. Unimpressive indeed.

The staff were friendly on both occasions. Didn’t get the name of our server last night but she was attentive and cleared our tables quickly. The food was prepared reasonably quickly, but I don’t know if that’s saying much as there doesn’t seem like a lot to prepare and there weren’t too many people in the restaurant at the time of out booking. The overall feel of the restaurant is nice and inviting, and having real tea-light candles on the tables (instead of the battery ones you see constantly now) is a nice touch. On the first visit we also each got a $10 voucher to return, which is a nice incentive.

Unfortunately, the food isn’t enough incentive to return. The main was plain, dry and over-priced. The entree was immensely enjoyable, but that’s not enough to recommend a meal. For these reasons I give Efendi’s Turkish Restaurant 2 Rant and Rave Points.

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